Aids Awareness week in Canada why?

Aids Awareness week in Canada

Aids Awareness week in Canada is celebrate in the week of  November 26 – December  3.This is because of only to help the people who are not aware about these things .This week is for what we have got in last year about the awareness between the people in the whole world.This week over on the Aids day with many things.This Day is show respect to the Aids patient and get aware other people about the HIV Virus which is so harmful.This was Started in the year of 1988 after the meeting of health ministers came across the world  and permitted this day .For more go to the post”Aids Awareness week in Canada”.

History of Aids Awareness week in Canada

Mayor of San Francisco (Dianne Feinstein) had declared the first Aids Awareness week in 1984.The first awareness was held by Students. Their main purpose was to give the real information causes, effects, symptoms of AIDS.They had also told the community about the prevention.

It was getting popular and spreading awareness between people was took place in many places .The places was Newyork , Torronto and some other places in Canada.The last week of November was the Awareness week.In 2002 a Canadian Health association held an Aids awareness week November 24-December 1.This campaign was specially for discrimination against people who have AIDS.Their second motive was to inform people about the prevention of Aids.They helped the community by giving free resources to prevent the HIV/AIDS.This  Aids Awareness week in Canada was started in  Vancouver.By the time it is all over the Canada.

According to a report

  •  940,000 people worldwide died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2017.
  •  36.9 million people with HIV around the world in 2017.
  • Estimated that at the end of 2016 there were 63,110 Canadians with HIV.

Aim Of  Aids Awareness week in Canada

The motive of any health campaign is to give knowledge about the problem and their prevention.There goal is to take the value of AIDS patient to zero.The tribes of Canada has 4 times more cases than other place in Canada,as well as higher than most third world countries.This week is for the people who are not aware about these types of disease  .People are getting values of such type of things .They  got knowledge of all the prevention and cure.This is the main aim of  Aids Awareness week in Canada.

Some Important Knowledge About Aids

  • There is no cure of HIV but it can be controlled or treatment.By taking care of the person you can control from spreading.By having medicines on daily basis.
  • You can HIV without of your knowledge .You will feel sick but never got to know about HIV.
  • There is nothing discovered yet to prevent the HIV .
  • Anyone can has this disease.It can be of any age ,any sex anyone in the world.
  • By which it can pass through.It can be with blood.It can be through breast milk.It can be any type of fluid.
  • Use a clean or new needle in hospital.
  • Use new blade in barber shops.
  • use new needle in jewelry shops.

HIV Cannot  Pass Through Following

  • Kissing
  • Talking ,shaking hands .
  • Cough or sneeze
  • bed sheets or towels
  • forks, spoons, cups or food
  • insects or animals

Hope you will get the things i want to give you from this post ” Aids Awareness week in Canada”.


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