Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For School

Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For School

Diwali is coming on 7th of November. All Students are waiting to decorate their classroom and the school.Diwali is most awaited festival in India .Diwali means decoration of schools and homes.These decorations brings happiness in the environment and people too.we will look at the designs you will get to know.I can give you only  Diwali decoration Ideas for school.The main thing is that you have to do work in team spirit to decorate your lets go for the post” Diwali Decoration Ideas For School”.

 Paper Decoration

Do paper work with unique styles.We can make Tanterns ,Diyas and Jhadis also.The Main idea is Paper flower which the best and long lasting.The best thing is that self made and disposable.This comes in diwali decoration ideas for school.

Real Flowers

You can use Real flower for the fragrance in your school or classroom.They will give another happiness level to visitors.You can put Goddess Laxmi Picture for feel. diwali decoration ideas for school is there .


It comes in best diwali decoration ideas for school as it is very colourful to see.You can make good theme of Rangoli by using Different colors and Diyas inside the rangoli.Rangoli is the best  diwali decoration ideas for school.

Candle Decoration

The Idea of Candle is to make them or use by some decoration on them.Diwali is the festival of light so there must be some lights in the class or school.Candle can be of any type or color should

be a great idea .

Create Characters on Papers

As we all know that why we celebrate Diwali .Because this festival is related to some our very religious Ramayana.As we know on that day Shree Ram and Seeta mata came back to their home after 14 year.we can make their pictures of Shree Ram and Seeta mata .Children can draw, paint, collage etc to create these characters and even try and recreate the entire scene of Lord Rama returning with Sita to Aayodhya.

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