Do Dooni 5 Full Movie Download

Do Dooni 5 Full Movie Download

Do Dooni 5 is a punjabi full of comedy and movie.The movie is going to release in 11 January .This movie is based upon some interesting things which you can get only in the movie.The movie has Amrit Mann in the movie .He is a good Punjabi Singer .This movie is based on a unemployed man who is not getting any job.The main actress in the movie is beautiful Isha Rikhi.For more you have to download or see the full post “Do Dooni 5 Full Movie Download“.

do dooni paanj movie

Cast in the Movie

  1. Amrit Mann as the unemployed person who register the case on his school.
  2. Isha Rikhi as the main or lead actress in the movie Do Dooni 5.
  3. Karam Jeet Anmol.

This movie is directed by Harry Bhatti. The movie has a good story plot.


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Story of Do Dooni 5 Movie

The movie is based on a boy who is unemployed .Everyday he was argued with his family on this unemployed Issue.One day his father said that you have to take the school fee back if you are not anything .This thing was touch his mind he register a case upon his school so he can get his school fee back.The movie is going to be good in comedy sight of view . This is post on “Do dooni panj full movie post”.

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