Foods For Improve Eye Sight

Foods For Improve Eye Sight

Eyes are very important part of our body.Eyes are the one of the five organs our body.In today’s world’s all are busy with their smart phone .They are loosing their eye vision with their smart phone.They don’t know the side effects of smart phone.I have a list “Foods For Improve Your Eye Sight “. This list will really help you in improve your eyesight.

1. Green Leaf Vegetables

They are very good for the eyes .You should eat green vegetable regularly .Vegetable like spinach contain iron antioxidants for your eyes .They can protect you from harmful rays of sun.

2. Eggs

Eggs is good source of protein .It also provide antioxidant lutein and vitamin A. The eyes absorb very fast as compare to the fruits and vegetables.Eggs are also known most helpful food for the eyes.


3. Almonds & Nuts

They are very well known for their high proteins and vitamin.They are  rich in vitamin E and copper, which have been proven to protect the retina and healthy vision. We should eat nuts regularly for our eyes.

4. Carrot

Eat carrots for good eyesight.This is some of the best thing to have to improve your sight.It is a good source Vitamin A and Oxidant .These sources are very important for your eyes.You can have this on any time Lunch and Dinner.

5.  Blueberries

These are good source of anti-inflammatory which help to support healthy eyes.You can have them as fruits.These are also helpful in other health problems.

6. Oranges

This is fruit loaded with vitamin C .This is really helpful for the eyes problem.This also help in other health problem and produce some other Vitamin E.This comes in Foods For Improve Eye Sight.

7.   Sun Flower Seeds

Sun Flower seed is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.They really helpful for the eyes .It has also a source of zinc ,which is good for improve your eyesight.

8.  Fruits

Fruits are very helpful for health problem .We usually use fruit juice for any health problem.For eyes some citrus foods are very helpful for the eyes.These fruits have Vitamin C  which is really beneficial for the eyes .Best Foods For Improve Eye Sight.

9.  Peppers

Peppers are very rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin. All of which have been shown to improve eyesight and heal the eyesight.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in  beta-carotene which is like boost your eyes power.It has to be in our diet .

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