Smoking Effects On Human Body

Smoking Effects On Human Body

As we know that smoking can cause many harmful disease to anyone.Although many people ignore all the things.There are  nearly 5000 chemical substance in a single cigarette ,this has more than 50 substance which cause Cancer . According to the most recent statistics, nearly one out of every six people in is a smoker.

Smoking can also affect your circulation and with it, the blood supply to a man’s penis. So if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction.Smoking is also known to contribute to infertility, so it is worth both partners quitting if you are trying to conceive.

There are many “Smoking Effects” on a healthy body.

Some Smoking Effects.

  1. Smoking  can cause premature aging and wrinkling of skin .
  2. It has very bad effect on our digestive system.
  3. It is very bad for woman who is pregnant this cause harmful for both child and the woman. Maternal smoking can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth.
  4. It also affect the reproductive system of both the male and female .
  5. It is also harmful for the heart,which creates problem in blood pumping.
  6. Smoking has dangerous effects on entire lung organ, affecting its every structure and functioning.
  7. The most important thing is it take your whole body in wrong direction.


If You Stop Smoking.

When you just quit smoking your body starts to crave nicotin. This nicotin helps to replace those harmful substance from your body.You will fill will eat food on very high taste as your taste sense will increase by this.

Your body will get good affect of this .You will never face daily cough problem and  you’ll be saving yourself money.

Because smoking affects appetite, some people put on weight after quitting, so include a healthy eating and exercise plan within your quit smoking soon as possible just quit smoking ,all the cancer virus will slowly remove from your body.And if some damage has already been done, quitting at any age help stop things getting worse.

Live a healthy life after the smoking.

Health is Wealth

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